Pilates Breath: From the Source

Part 1 of The Breath Inspires Series

The Breath Inspires is an online workshop series that provides an in-depth exploration of the anatomy and physiology of the respiratory system, especially as it relates to the Pilates method. The latest scientific research on the benefits of several breathing techniques will be reviewed. Emphasis is also placed on the Fletcher Pilates Percussive Breath™ technique and its applications for full-body health, functional movement and vibrant living. Participants will learn how to practice and teach breath as the prime mover. The Breath Inspires Course Series is offered in two parts, and both include lecture demonstrations, followed by movement experiences based on the breath: Part 1 - Pilates Breath: From the Source covers how we believe Joseph and Clara Pilates taught breath; Part 2 - Fletcher Pilates Breath: Evolved from the Source is about the signature breath created by Ron Fletcher.

This course offers 2.0 CECs

for Pilates teachers certified through the National Pilates Certification Program

Course Objectives:

By participating in this online course, participants will:

  • Review Pilates Anatomy

    Review Pilates Breath basic anatomy and physiology & inner and outer motions related to it;

  • Understand the science

    Introduce studies to support its use;

  • Evidence of benefits

    Show evidence of its benefits;

  • Understand the breath and learn to teach

    Practice and learn to teach breath as the prime mover.

Adriano Bittar

PHD, NPCP, PT, Fletcher Faculty

Adriano Bittar is a researcher and contemporary dancer. He represents Fletcher Pilates® in Brazil. Adriano is also an associate professor at the State University of Goiás, Director of Studio Adriano Bittar, PT at the Basileu França Dance School, Coordinator of Pilates Postgraduation Course Faculdade CEAFI and of Brazil-United Kingdom Dance Medicine & Science Network.


  • 2

    The Breath Inspires - Part 1: Workshop

    • 1) Definitions & Quotes

    • 2) From the Bones Beyond

    • 3) Muscles, Neural Structures & Organs

    • 4) Breath as a Body Hydraulic System

    • 5) Final Breath Mechanisms & Quotes

  • 3

    Breath-Inspired Class

    • Breath-Inspired Pilates Class

    • 1) The Hundred

    • 2) Roll Down & Up

    • 3) One Leg Circle

    • 4) Rolling Back

    • 5) Single & Double Leg Stretch

    • 6) Spine Stretch

    • 7) Saw

    • 8) Shoulder Bridge

    • 9) Swimming

    • 10) Chest Expansion

    • 11) Wall Endings

  • 4


    • Course Research References

  • 5

    Course Quiz

    • The Breath Inspires - Part 1: Quiz

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