Our online Fletcher Pilates Intensive Course is designed for movement and fitness professionals as an in-depth resource to understand the unique Fletcher approach to the Pilates method. Through this distance learning course, you will learn unique Fletcher Pilates concepts and practical teaching applications for the following signature Fletcher Pilates techniques: Fletcher Percussive Breath™ Fletcher Fundamentals™ Fletcher Towelwork® Fletcher Floorwork® Fletcher Barrework™ This course offers 16.0 CECs for Pilates teachers certified through the National Pilates Certification Program.

What are these signature Fletcher Techniques?

  • How did Ron get the idea for the Fletcher Braided Towel?

    Ron Fletcher was working with a client at his studio in Beverly Hills, California and noticed his client was struggling to maintain upper body symmetry. He picked up a studio towel, twisted it, and then asked his client to lift her arms over her head to create a straight line with the towel. He found that this simple movement helped create more balanced muscle alignment and engagement. Over the following 4 decades, he continued to develop what is now known as the Fletcher Towelwork®, an entire movement program based on this humble beginning.

  • What are the benefits of the Fletcher Barrework?

    Ron Fletcher had a successful career as a professional dancer and choreographer. While teaching Pilates in California, he kept in contact with Clara Pilates who encouraged him to follow his passion and continue to evolve the Pilates method. He discovered the need to take the work to a standing position away from the classical Pilates equipment and went back to his roots at the ballet barre applying the Pilates principles to make it more beneficial for every body. Over the years, this technique became known as the Fletcher Barrework, the first Pilates Barre program. The Fletcher Pilates Barrework repertoire offers accessibility to quality Pilates without the need for equipment.

  • What is the Fletcher Floorwork?

    The Fletcher Floorwork teaches movement in a three-dimensional perspective, incorporating more spatial awareness and flow of movement. Fletcher Floorwork seamlessly fuses body contrology, as created by Joseph Pilates, with the more organic Martha Graham floor technique. This in-depth technique can help to enhance hip and spinal articulations as well as improved body awareness and range of motion building to a dynamic and joyful movement experience!

Fletcher Pilates is a leading Continuing Education Provider

Pilates evolved from the source

The international Pilates revolution owes much of its momentum to Ron Fletcher. A 20-year student and protégé of Joseph and Clara Pilates, Fletcher’s organic, movement-based approach to the Pilates method has inspired generations of Pilates teachers and practitioners. As Fletcher Pilates continues to grow in popularity, so too grows the demand around the globe for Fletcher Pilates Teachers. Our school provides one of the most comprehensive and definitive international Pilates educational program of its kind and is the only program endorsed by Ron Fletcher, a first generation Pilates Master, professional dancer, and choreographer.
Fletcher Pilates Online Pilates Education

What people are saying...


Fletcher Intensive Experience

“I have obtained a lot out of the c ourse. I have found Fletcher fundamentals (ABCs) to be the best at establishing such a solid foundation for cueing posture and alignment and establishing correct movement (beginners to advanced). Previously I had just done the Fletcher Towelwork course o n its own, but the intensive bought it all together in a more comprehensive sense – I feel I have a deeper understanding of the work now.”


on the effects of Fletcher Pilates

"My life has changed completely since I started as a Fletcher Pilates student. I very rarely have inflammation, my overall stiffness has disappeared and I’m doing things with my body that I never thought I could. Without hesitation I can say that this work has helped me be more focused, improved my posture, strengthen my center and breathe more deeply. I feel empowered and – best of all – I can now get out of bed without aches and pains. I can’t imagine my life without it!"


on the Fletcher Towelwork

"I can’t even begin to express the benefits of the Fletcher Towelwork! Shoulder patients that have previously been difficult to progress, re-educate, and re-align have received amazing and rapid results. Ron Fletcher’s towel seems to have a magic quality that inhibits the upper trapezius, seats the humeral head in the back in the socket, and “connects” the scapula to the back. It increases scapular awareness and improves postural alignment instantly. Fletcher Towelwork should be a part of every serious Pilates studio and practice."


on the level of Fletcher Pilates education

"I had been teaching Pilates for about 5 years, with a sense of stagnation. When I discovered the Fletcher Program, I was quickly drawn to the very deep sense of specificity and became motivated to experience it more fully through the Comprehensive Program. I have completed two certification programs 8-year Pilates career, and I can declare without hesitation that the Fletcher program is more complete, more demanding, and more gratifying in lessons learned and challenges met. The experience offered me the inspiration I was craving and the direction I need to advance my teaching and self-practice."

"(Pilates) is about learning more about your body, getting in better touch with all its parts and setting up a communication system with it, trusting and loving it as your best friend and then using it correctly all the time"

-Ron Fletcher

What to expect...

Access the entire Fletcher Intensive Course Curriculum PLUS the BONUS workbook and FREE online movement encyclopedia today

  • 1

    Intensive Introduction

  • 2

    Meet the Faculty

    • Meet Kyria Sabin

    • Meet Deborah Mendoza

    • Meet Martha Ramirez

    • Meet David McMahan

  • 3

    Fletcher Fundamentals: Part 1

    • Fletcher Fundamentals Movement List PDF

    • 1) Standing & Centering Cues

    • Review of Standing & Centering Cues

    • Fletcher Percussive Breathing™ Technique

    • 2) Fletcher Percussive Breath

    • Review of Fletcher Percussive Breath

    • 3) Mechanics of the Breath

    • Review of Mechanics of the Breath

    • 4) Quadrant Breathing

    • Review of Quadrant Breathing

    • 5) Breath Volume & Control

    • Review of Breath Volume & Control

    • 6) Spinal Mechanics - Flexion

    • Review of Spinal Mechanics - Flexion

    • 7) Spinal Mechanics -Lateral Flexion

    • Review of Spinal Mechanics - Lateral Flexion

    • 8) Spinal Mechanics - Rotation

    • Review of Spinal Mechanics - Rotation

    • 9) Spinal Mechanics - Extension

    • Review of Spinal Mechanics - Extension

    • 10) Spinal Mechanics - Hinging

    • Review of Spinal Mechanics - Hinging

    • 11) Spinal Mechanics - Spiral

    • Review of Spinal Mechanics - Spiral

    • 12) Intersegmental Motion of the Spine - Supine

    • Review of Intersegmental Motion of the Spine - Supine

    • 13) Intersegmental Motion of the Spine - Kneeling

    • Review of Intersegmental Motion of the Spine - Kneeling

    • 14) Integration of Upper & Lower Hemispheres - Ron's Imprinting

    • Review of Integration of Upper & Lower Hemispheres - Ron's Imprinting

    • 15) Integration of Right & Left Hemispheres

    • Review of Integration of Right & Left Hemispheres

    • 16) Integration of Right & Left Hemispheres - Kneeling

    • Review of Integration of Right & Left Hemispheres - Kneeling

  • 4

    Fletcher Fundamentals: Part 2

    • 1) Introduction to Articulation Fundamentals

    • 2) Organization of the Head and Neck

    • Review of Organization of the Head and Neck

    • 3) Length of the Neck & Throat

    • Review of Length of the Neck & Throat

    • 4) Neck Rotation & Circumvolution

    • Review of Neck Rotation & Circumvolution

    • 5) Nose Circles

    • Review of Nose Circles

    • 6) Use of Focus

    • Review of Use of Focus

    • 7) Scapular Mobilization

    • Review of Scapular Mobilization

    • 8) Upward & Downward Scapular Rotation

    • Review of Upward & Downward Scapular Rotation

    • 9) Sternum to Scapular Relationship

    • Review of Sternum to Scapular Relationship

    • 10) Arm Articulation

    • Review of Arm Articulation

    • 11) Wrist & Hand Articulation

    • Review of Wrist & Hand Articulation

    • 12) Leg Articulation

    • Review of Leg Articulation

    • 13) Leg Articulation - Supine

    • Review of Leg Articulation - Supine

    • 14) Foot Articulation

    • Review of Foot Articulation

    • Fletcher Fundamentals Class with Deborah

    • Ron Fletcher Workshop - Part 1 (1978): Standing Series

  • 5

    Fletcher Fundamentals: Discussions

    • Fletcher Standing & Centering Cues for Postural Assessment

    • Introduction to the Pilates Movement Principles

    • Pilates Movement Principles Presentation

    • Pilates History Presentation

    • Letters from Clara with Ron Fletcher

  • 6

    Fletcher Towelwork®

    • Introduction to Fletcher Towelwork

    • Ron Fletcher on the Fletcher Towelwork

    • Fletcher Towelwork Movement List PDF

    • Fletcher Towelwork Workshop

    • Fletcher Towelwork Class

    • Ron Fletcher Workshop - Part 2 (1978): Towelwork Series

  • 7

    Towelwork: Encyclopedia

    • T1a Taut Towel Pulls; a. “Seating” the humerus

    • T1b Taut Towel Pulls; b. Sternum level

    • T1c Taut Towel Pulls; c. Hip level

    • T1d Taut Towel Pulls; d. Overhead

    • T1e Taut Towel Pulls; e. Posterior

    • T2 Anterior Range of Motion; a. Sternum level, b. Overhead

    • T3 Pull to “W”; a. Sternum level, b. Overhead, c. Posterior

    • T4a Posterior Range of Motion; a. Above shoulder girdle

    • T4b Posterior Range of Motion; a. Below shoulder girdle

    • T4c Posterior Range of Motion; c. Full ROM

    • T4c Posterior Range of Motion; c. Full ROM

    • T5a Overhead to “U”; a. Simple, b. With plié

    • T6 Lateral Hip Stretch; a. Simple, b. With pulses

    • T7a Foot work; a. Stationary Towel

    • T7b Foot work; b. Moving Towel

    • T8 aThoracic Rotation; a. Sternum level

    • T8b Thoracic Rotation; b. Overhead

    • T9a Lateral Lunge Series; a. Towel sternum level

    • T9b Lateral Lunge Series; b. Towel to overhead on lunge

    • T9c Lateral Lunge Series; c. Towel sternum level with thoracic rotation

    • T9d Lateral Lunge Series; d. Towel to overhead with thoracic rotation

    • T10a Lateral Flexion in 2nd Position; a. Small controlled side bend

    • T10b Lateral Flexion in 2nd Position; b. Full side bend T 10-B take 2.Consolidated.01_YouTube_1080p

    • T11a Lunge into Side Bend; a. Return to first

    • T11b Lunge into Side Bend; b. Return to balance in passé

    • T12a Taut Towel in Vertical: “Windmill”; a. Vertical to horizontal

    • T12b Taut Towel in Vertical: “Windmill”; b. Vertical to vertical

  • 8

    Fletcher Barrework™

    • Introduction to Fletcher Barrework

    • Fletcher Barrework Movement List PDF

    • Fletcher Barrework Workshop

    • Fletcher Barrework Class

  • 9

    Barrework: Encyclopedia

    • B1abc Simple Arms; a. Single arm, b. Double arm, c. Single arm with rotation

    • B1de Simple Arms; d. Fist to open, e. Criss cross arms

    • B2a Plié; a. Foot and Leg Positions (“walking the feet out and in”)

    • B2b Plié; b. Demi plié

    • B2c Plié; c. Grand plié

    • B3ab Relevé; a. Four count /two count relevé, b. Pulses at top with arm lift

    • B3c Relevé; c. High release pattern

    • B3d Relevé; d. High release facing away

    • B4a Foot Articulation and Running Patterns; a. Foot articulation – Toe lifts, Ankle flexion, Roll to ball of foot, Roll to ball of foot in plié, Plié-relevé pattern, and in turnout

    • B4b Foot Articulation and Running Patterns; b. Alternating lifts

    • B4c Foot Articulation and Running Patterns; c. Running in place patterns

    • B5 Footwork (lateral facing); a. To the toe, b. To the prance, c. With plié, d. With relevé

    • B6abc Rond de Jambe (in parallel); a. Quarter circle (front and back), b. Half circle, c. Passing through center

    • B6abc Rond de Jambe (in turnout); a. Quarter circle (front and back), b. Half circle, c. Passing through center

    • B6d Rond de Jambe (in turnout); d. Rond de Jambe with weight transfer

    • B6d-variation Rond de Jambe; d. Rond de Jambe with weight transfer variation

    • B7a Battement; a. Simple battements

    • B7b Battement; b. Battement with weight transfer patterns

    • B7c Battement Posterior Series; c. Foot stretch

    • B7de Battement Posterior Series; d. Simple battement, e. To the lunge pattern

    • B8a Ron’s Barre Stretches; a. Ron’s Contraction to hinge stretch

    • B8bc Cat Series; b. Double plié, c. Cat stretch

    • B8de Cat Series; d. Single leg extension (add plié), e. Oppositional arm & leg reach

    • B8de Cat Series; d. Single leg extension (add plié), e. Oppositional arm & leg reach

    • B9a Lateral Hip Stretch; a. Facing away from barre

    • B9b Lateral Hip Stretch; b. Facing side

    • B9b Lateral Hip Stretch; b. Facing side

    • B10ab Passé Pattern; a. Simple passé, b. With lunge to side

    • B10cd Passé Pattern; c. Passé facing away, d. With lunge to front

    • B10e-h Attitude Pattern; e. Passé to attitude (add pulses), f. To the lunge, g. Upper body rotation, h. Full attitude pattern

    • B11 Figure Eights; a. Leg and hip only, b. Add arm and plié, c. Add contraction and release

    • B12 The Egyptian; a. Simple, b. With plié and relevé pattern, c. With arm and chest rotation

  • 10

    Fletcher Floorwork®

    • Introduction to Fletcher Floorwork

    • Fletcher Floorwork Movement List PDF

    • Fletcher Floorwork Workshop

    • Fletcher Floorwork Basic Class

    • Fletcher Floorwork Intermediate Class

    • Ron Fletcher Workshop - Part 3 (1978): Basic Floorwork with Diane Severino

    • Ron Fletcher Workshop - Part 4 (1978): Floorwork Progressions with Diane Severino

  • 11

    Floorwork: Encyclopedia

    • F1a-c Simple Arms; a. Single arms, b. Double arms, c. Single with rotation

    • F1d-e Simple Arms; d. Three count breath, e. Lateral to rotation

    • F2 Roll Ups; a. Four part contraction, b. Simple roll up, c. Roll up to second position, d. Straight leg roll up to Teaser

    • F3 Pelvic Tilt; a. Simple, b. With heel lifts, c. With leg break

    • F4a-d Supine Leg Work; a. Flex and point, b. Open leg pulses, c. Double toe taps, d. Single leg hip extension

    • F4e Supine Leg Work; e. Lateral opening with hip lift

    • F5 Closed Diamond with Hip Work; a. Closed diamond contraction and release, b. Open parallel contraction and release with pulses, c. Hip lift, d. Quarter turn hip lift to fourth, e. Pattern

    • F6 Ron’s Saw; a. Simple, b. With hinge, c. Saw variations

    • F7 Hip Perch; a. Preparation, b. Simple, c. With balance

    • F8 Side Stretch; a. Hip transition, b. Preparation, c. Turnout from hip, d. Add leg extension with pulses, e. Add rotation from contraction to open chest

    • F9 Open Second Stretch; a. Preparation, b. Flex and extend double, c. Flex and extend single, d. Side stretch, e. Ron’s Spine Stretch

    • F10 Hip and Leg Stretch; a. Transition, b. Hip pulse, c. Held développé, d. Straight leg pulse, e. Contraction to balance, F. Tilt and balance

    • F11 Hinges; a. Forward and backward, b. Pulses, c. Contraction to high release, d. Hinges on the diagonal

    • F12 Lateral Hip Rotation: “Can-Can”; a. Simple, b. Add upper body rotation, c. Add turn out from hip, d. Add extension

  • 12

    Fletcher Fusion Class

    • Discussion on Crafting a Fletcher Fusion Class

    • Fletcher Fusion Class with Deborah

  • 13

    Intensive Course Quiz

    • Fletcher Pilates Intensive Course Quiz

  • 14

    Course Completion Survey

    • Course Completion Survey

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