Fletcher High Barrel Course

The High Barrel is largely under-used in many Pilates studios and practices. This intermediate level continuing education course for Pilates Teachers focuses on the Fletcher Pilates perspective of the High Barrel and how you can best incorporate this apparatus into your teaching and self-practice programs - both in a “workout” context and as a rehabilitative tool. Beginning to intermediate exercises are covered in detail, as well as safe teaching progressions to several of the more advanced pieces of movement.

This course offers 7.0 NPCP CECs

for Pilates teachers certified through the National Pilates Certification Program

Course Objectives:

By participating in the Fletcher High Barrel online course, participants will:

  • Develop postural and movement assessment skills based in the Fletcher Pilates® High Barrel program;

  • Deepen understanding of the intricacies of spinal mechanics and movement articulation;

  • Be able to perform and practice the full Fletcher Pilates® High Barrel program;

  • If qualified to do so, learn how to safely apply and teach Fletcher Pilates® High Barrel in private sessions.

Kyria Sabin

NCPT, Director of Fletcher Pilates

Kyria Sabin initiated her Pilates studies with Ron Fletcher in 1991 and founded Body Works Pilates Stu-dios in 1993. In 1999, she initiated the first state-licensed Pilates teacher training program in Arizona. This became the precursor to the Fletcher Pilates®Program of Study, an international Pilates school representing one of the most rigorous programs of its kind in existence. A graduate of Duke University, a PMA Certified Pilates Teacher and Massage Therapist, Kyria developed the Pilates Program at the University of Arizona School of Dance where she serves as Adjunct Faculty. She is an international presenter and has served on the boards for the Pilates Method Alliance, the UA Dance Advisory Board, the Haven Center for Women and the Foundation for Expanding Horizons.
Kyria Sabin

Deborah Mendoza

NCPT, Director of Education

As Director of Education for Fletcher Pilates®, Deborah manages curriculum development for this international Program. She also teaches Pilates at Body Works Pilates in Tucson, AZ as a founding staff member since 1996. Deborah is a Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher, a Fletcher Pilates® Professional Teacher, and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Dance from Santa Clara University. Greatly influenced by her extensive study with First Generation Pilates teacher, Ron Fletcher, Deborah works to ensure that the upcoming generations of Pilates teachers have a deep understanding of the Pilates movement principles, the tools to be excellent teachers, and supports the greater Pilates community and establishing standards for the Pilates industry.
Deborah Mendoza



  • 1

    Course Introduction

  • 2

    Fletcher Fundamentals™ - Part 1 with Kyria

    • Fletcher Fundamentals Movement List PDF

    • 1) Standing & Centering Cues

    • Review of Standing & Centering Cues

    • Fletcher Percussive Breathing™ Technique

    • 2) Fletcher Percussive Breath

    • Review of Fletcher Percussive Breath

    • 3) Mechanics of the Breath

    • Review of Mechanics of the Breath

    • 4) Quadrant Breathing

    • Review of Quadrant Breathing

    • 5) Breath Volume & Control

    • Review of Breath Volume & Control

    • 6) Spinal Mechanics - Flexion

    • Review of Spinal Mechanics - Flexion

    • 7) Spinal Mechanics - Lateral Flexion

    • Review of Spinal Mechanics - Lateral Flexion

    • 8) Spinal Mechanics - Rotation

    • Review of Spinal Mechanics - Rotation

    • 9) Spinal Mechanics - Extension

    • Review of Spinal Mechanics - Extension

    • 10) Spinal Mechanics - Hinging

    • Review of Spinal Mechanics - Hinging

    • 11) Spinal Mechanics - Spiral

    • Review of Spinal Mechanics - Spiral

    • 12) Intersegmental Motion of the Spine - Supine

    • Review of Intersegmental Motion of the Spine - Supine

    • 13) Intersegmental Motion of the Spine - Kneeling

    • Review of Intersegmental Motion of the Spine - Kneeling

    • 14) Integration of Upper & Lower Hemispheres - Ron's Imprinting

    • Review of Integration of Upper & Lower Hemispheres - Ron's Imprinting

    • 15) Integration of Right & Left Hemispheres

    • Review of Integration of Right & Left Hemispheres

    • 16) Integration of Right & Left Hemispheres - Kneeling

    • Review of Integration of Right & Left Hemispheres - Kneeling

  • 3

    Fletcher Fundamentals™ - Part 2 with Deborah

    • 1) Introduction to Articulation Fundamentals

    • 2) Organization of the Head and Neck

    • Review of Organization of the Head and Neck

    • 3) Length of the Neck & Throat

    • Review of Length of the Neck & Throat

    • 4) Neck Rotation & Circumvolution

    • Review of Neck Rotation & Circumvolution

    • 5) Nose Circles

    • Review of Nose Circles

    • 6) Use of Focus

    • Review of Use of Focus

    • 7) Scapular Mobilization

    • Review of Scapular Mobilization

    • 8) Upward & Downward Scapular Rotation

    • Review of Upward & Downward Scapular Rotation

    • 9) Sternum to Scapular Relationship

    • Review of Sternum to Scapular Relationship

    • 10) Arm Articulation

    • Review of Arm Articulation

    • 11) Wrist & Hand Articulation

    • Review of Wrist & Hand Articulation

    • 12) Leg Articulation

    • Review of Leg Articulation

    • 13) Leg Articulation - Supine

    • Review of Leg Articulation - Supine

    • 14) Foot Articulation

    • Review of Foot Articulation

  • 4

    Fundamentals Classes & Discussions

    • Fletcher Fundamentals Class with Deborah

    • Ron Fletcher Workshop (1978): Standing Series

    • Fletcher Standing & Centering Cues for Postural Assessment

    • Introduction to the Pilates Movement Principles

    • Pilates Movement Principles Presentation

    • Pilates History Presentation

    • Letters from Clara with Ron Fletcher

  • 5

    Fletcher Fundamentals™ Quiz

    • Fletcher Fundamentals Course Quiz

  • 6

    High Barrel Workshop with Deborah

    • Fletcher High Barrel Movement List PDF

    • 1) Ballet Stretches

    • Review of Ballet Stretches

    • 2) Short Box Series

    • Review of Short Box Series

    • 3) Lateral Series

    • Review of Lateral Series

    • 4) Full Spine Extension

    • Review of Full Spine Extension

    • 5) Climb-a-Tree

    • Review of Climb-a-Tree

    • 6) Swan Series

    • Review of Swan Series

    • 7) Standing Backbend Series

    • Review of Standing Backbend Series

    • 8) Pelvis on Top - Supine Series

    • Review of Pelvis on Top - Supine Series

    • 9) Handstand

    • Review of Handstand

    • 10) Pelvis on Top - Prone Series

    • Review of Pelvis on Top - Prone Series

    • 11) Horseback

    • Review of Horseback

    • 12) Walkover

    • Review of Walkover

  • 7

    High Barrel Course Quiz

    • High Barrel Course Quiz

  • 8

    Course Completion Survey

    • Course Completion Survery

Fletcher High Barrel Course

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