Fletcher Pilates Matwork Program Curriculum

Preview the Matwork Program Curriculum here.

  • 1

    Matwork Program Introduction

  • 2

    Program Mentor Sessions

    • Matwork Program Mentor Session Information & Access

  • 3

    Fletcher Fundamentals: Pt 1

    • Fletcher Fundamentals Movement List PDF

    • 1) Standing & Centering Cues

    • Review of Standing & Centering Cues

    • Fletcher Percussive Breathing™ Technique

    • 2) Fletcher Percussive Breath

    • Review of Fletcher Percussive Breath

    • 3) Mechanics of the Breath

    • Review of Mechanics of the Breath

    • 4) Quadrant Breathing

    • Review of Quadrant Breathing

    • 5) Breath Volume & Control

    • Review of Breath Volume & Control

    • 6) Spinal Mechanics - Flexion

    • Review of Spinal Mechanics - Flexion

    • 7) Spinal Mechanics -Lateral Flexion

    • Review of Spinal Mechanics - Lateral Flexion

    • 8) Spinal Mechanics - Rotation

    • Review of Spinal Mechanics - Rotation

    • 9) Spinal Mechanics - Extension

    • Review of Spinal Mechanics - Extension

    • 10) Spinal Mechanics - Hinging

    • Review of Spinal Mechanics - Hinging

    • 11) Spinal Mechanics - Spiral

    • Review of Spinal Mechanics - Spiral

    • 12) Intersegmental Motion of the Spine - Supine

    • Review of Intersegmental Motion of the Spine - Supine

    • 13) Intersegmental Motion of the Spine - Kneeling

    • Review of Intersegmental Motion of the Spine - Kneeling

    • 14) Integration of Upper & Lower Hemispheres - Ron's Imprinting

    • Review of Integration of Upper & Lower Hemispheres - Ron's Imprinting

    • 15) Integration of Right & Left Hemispheres

    • Review of Integration of Right & Left Hemispheres

    • 16) Integration of Right & Left Hemispheres - Kneeling

    • Review of Integration of Right & Left Hemispheres - Kneeling

  • 4

    Fletcher Fundamentals: Pt 2

    • 1) Introduction to Articulation Fundamentals

    • 2) Organization of the Head and Neck

    • Review of Organization of the Head and Neck

    • 3) Length of the Neck & Throat

    • Review of Length of the Neck & Throat

    • 4) Neck Rotation & Circumvolution

    • Review of Neck Rotation & Circumvolution

    • 5) Nose Circles

    • Review of Nose Circles

    • 6) Use of Focus

    • Review of Use of Focus

    • 7) Scapular Mobilization

    • Review of Scapular Mobilization

    • 8) Upward & Downward Scapular Rotation

    • Review of Upward & Downward Scapular Rotation

    • 9) Sternum to Scapular Relationship

    • Review of Sternum to Scapular Relationship

    • 10) Arm Articulation

    • Review of Arm Articulation

    • 11) Wrist & Hand Articulation

    • Review of Wrist & Hand Articulation

    • 12) Leg Articulation

    • Review of Leg Articulation

    • 13) Leg Articulation - Supine

    • Review of Leg Articulation - Supine

    • 14) Foot Articulation

    • Review of Foot Articulation

  • 5

    Fletcher Fundamentals Classes

    • Reminder to join the Matwork Program Mentor Sessions

    • Fletcher Fundamentals Class with Deborah

    • Fletcher Fundamentals Class with Kyria

    • Ron Fletcher Workshop - Part 1 (1978): Standing Series

  • 6

    Fletcher Fundamentals Discussions

    • Fletcher Standing & Centering Cues for Postural Assessment

    • Introduction to the Pilates Movement Principles

    • Pilates Movement Principles Presentation

    • Pilates History Presentation

  • 7

    Pilates Matwork: Level 1 - Beginning

    • Fletcher Pilates® Matwork Program Movement List PDF

    • M1: 100s

    • M2: Roll Up

    • M4: Single Leg Circles

    • M5: Rolling Like a Ball

    • M6ab: Single & Double Leg Stretch

    • M7: Spine Stretch

    • M8: Saw

    • M9: Seal

    • M12: Swan

    • M16: Pelvic Press

    • M19: Side Kicks

    • Pilates Matwork 1 Express Class with Deborah

    • Pilates Matwork 1 Class with Claire

  • 8

    Pilates Matwork: Level 2 - Intermediate

    • M3: Roll Over

    • M6cde: Scissors, Double Leg Lower/Lift, Criss Cross

    • M10: Open Leg Rocker

    • M11: Corkscrew (modified)

    • M12: Swan Dive

    • M13 & M14: Single & Double Leg Kick

    • M17: Spine Twist

    • M20: Teaser

    • M22: Swimming

    • M32: Push Up

    • Pilates Matwork 2 Class with Kyria

  • 9

    Pilates Matwork: Level 3 - Advanced

    • M1: Adv 100s

    • M2: Adv Roll Ups

    • M4: Adv Single Leg Circles

    • M11: Corkscrew

    • M15: Neck Pull

    • M16: Adv Pelvic Press

    • M18: Jackknife

    • M20 & M21: Teaser & Hip Circles

    • M23: Leg Pull Prone

    • M24: Leg Pull Supine

    • M25: Side Kicks Kneeling

    • M26: Side Bend

    • M27: Side Twist

    • M28: Boomerang

    • M29: Crab

    • M30: Rocking

    • M31: Control Balance

    • Pilates Matwork 3 Express Class with Deborah

    • Pilates Matwork 3 Class with Deborah

  • 10

    Program Anatomy

    • Section 1: Foundations of Human Movement

    • Section 2: Skeletal System

    • Section 3: Muscular System

  • 11

    Pilates Matwork Discussion and Hybrid Classes

    • Reminder to join the Matwork Program Mentor Sessions

    • Discussion on Designing a Pilates Matwork Class

    • Matwork incorporating the Fletcher Towel

    • Matwork incorporating the Roller

    • Matwork incorporating the Spine Corrector

    • Matwork incorporating the Magic Circle

  • 12

    Pilates Matwork Encyclopedia

    • M1 100s (4 count breath)

    • M2 Roll Ups

    • M3 Roll Over

    • M4 Single Leg Circles

    • M5 Rolling Like a Ball

    • M6 Stomach Series

    • M7 Spine Stretch

    • M8 Saw

    • M9 Seal

    • M10 Open Leg Rocker

    • M11 Corkscrew

    • M12 Swan Dive

    • M13 Single Leg Kick

    • M14 Double Leg Kick

    • M15 Neck Pull

    • M16 Pelvic Press

    • M17 Spine Twist

    • M18 Jackknife

    • M19 Side Kicks

    • M20 Teaser

    • M21 Hip Circles

    • M22 Swimming

    • M23 Leg Pull Prone

    • M24 Leg Pull Supine

    • M25 Side Kicks Kneeling

    • M26 Side Bend

    • M27 Side Twist

    • M28 Boomerang

    • M29 Crab

    • M30 Rocking

    • M31 Control Balance

    • M32 Push Up

  • 13

    Matwork Program Exam

    • Pilates Matwork Program Exam

  • 14

    Observation/Participation Classes

    • Observation/Participation Classes

    • 1) Int/Adv Mat Class with Martha

    • 2) Int Mat Class with Ilana

    • 3) Int Mat Class + Ball with Claudia

    • 4) Int Mat Class with Kelli

    • 5) Int Mat Class with Ilana

    • 6) Beg/Int Mat Class with Claudia

  • 15

    Program Logs & Final Video Submissions

    • Performance Video Submission

    • Teaching Video Submission

    • Observation Hours Log

    • Participation Hours Log

    • Self Practice Hours Log

    • Casework Hours Log

  • 16

    Program Completion Survey

    • Program Completion Survey

Become a Teacher through the 

Fletcher Pilates Online Matwork Program.

Pilates approach to the classical Pilates Matwork is based on an in-depth focus on the underlying Pilates Movement Principles and Fletcher Fundamentals™. 

Matwork Program participants will gain a thorough understanding of the complete Pilates Matwork syllabus as well as the purpose and therapeutic benefits of each exercise. Emphasis is placed on the precise movement initiation and articulation, correct alignment, creative transitions, as well as movement modifications and progressions. 

This program focuses on developing an understanding, as well as creative approach to teaching Pilates Matwork sessions and classes to all skill levels.

Access YOUR education on YOUR schedule.

This Pilates Matwork teacher training program is open and available for all to participate to broaden their education and further their personal practice.

Fletcher Fundamentals, Percussive Breath technique and Anatomy are all included in the Fletcher Pilates Matwork Program comprised of over 100 hours.

Learn Matwork level 1, 2, and 3

Experience the entire Matwork syllabus including levels 1, 2 and 3, PLUS the unique flow and rhythm of Fletcher Pilates transitions.

Fletcher Pilates is a leading source of Comprehensive Pilates Education

Pilates evolved from the source

The international Pilates revolution owes much of its momentum to Ron Fletcher. A 20-year student and protégé of Joseph and Clara Pilates, Fletcher’s organic, movement-based approach to the Pilates method has inspired generations of Pilates teachers and practitioners. As Fletcher Pilates continues to grow in popularity, so too grows the demand around the globe for Fletcher Pilates Teachers. Our school provides one of the most comprehensive and definitive international Pilates educational program of its kind and is the only program endorsed by Ron Fletcher, a first generation Pilates Master, professional dancer, and choreographer.
Fletcher Pilates Online Pilates Education

"(Pilates) is about learning more about your body, getting in better touch with all its parts and setting up a communication system with it, trusting and loving it as your best friend and then using it correctly all the time"

-Ron Fletcher

Start your career.

Follow your passion and begin your Pilates Career Today as a Mat Pilates Teacher.

By completing the Fletcher Pilates Matwork Program, participants will:

  • Understand Unique Concepts

    Understand the unique concepts and practical techniques underlying the Fletcher Pilates® method

  • Bring Pilates into daily life

    Understand how to apply these concepts and techniques to daily movement and life

  • Apply what you learn in your professional career

    Understand how to apply these concepts and techniques to a professional movement practice

  • Develop assessment skills

    Develop postural and movement assessment skills based on Fletcher Pilates® techniques

  • Learn to safely teach Matwork Pilates

    Learn how to safely apply and teach Fletcher Pilates Matwork in private sessions and small group class settings

Invest in your new career.

Follow your passion and become a Matwork Pilates teacher. Hit the red button to get stated today and gain access to the Online Matwork Program.

Are you ready to become a Pilates Teacher?

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